Who is calling or texting from 011-593-0500?
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Who Called Me From 011-593-0500?

Nomvuzo Stuurman

I got a call from this nr at 10.30 on the 24/06/2013. I'd like to know who was trying to call. To reply please call me on 0727440994. Thank You!
I recieve missed call. I would like to be called again.
1 year ago


I want to know the company name?

Funiwe Silinga

The guy called me telling me that he is from Harambe Recruitment. He calling to procceed the application. He named my I'd number. And he asked my age n I told hm. He sad no I've axceeded the age limited which is 20yrs.My fear is that I dnt see such a place here on google.

hu iz harambe

lol i jst received the same call 2day. . M searching 4 da company bt it is nwhr 2 b found.


i also recived that call,Harambe is some company,if a can say,that look for job,for those who are not working.remember u might have filled some form via online

njabulo dlamini

i had a missed call on your number, i was not close by my cellphone could you please call me as soon as you get this text. thanks

phathiswa mqongelwa

I was not close by my cellphone when you call me, could please call me again


I got a call 4rm th numbr ws wndrn myb u cud col baq

Noluntu precious masengce

I need dis job but i had a problem of network when u tried 2 ask me question

mosima millicent sewela

I got ur missed.can you please came me back.I'm still waiting for ur sms you promised to send me.


What surprises me is tht he says to me I've sent my documents yesterday_ en I was like WTF bt I jus said yes anyway_ he called me by name en surname , nw I'm starting to worry wat if these ppl are scamming us just to know tht info is true so they cud create false files using our details en personal info?


i got your missed call, can you pls call me again


Just missed a call from this number. If its from people from Harambee, than will they call again?

thandeka Buthelezi

Hey sorry could not answer phone please call me again as I am trying to call u but no one aswers


These people are scam , say want to process your application only to ask you questions to benefit them so they can squeeeze your money.watchout people
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