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Who Called Me From 011-638-0000?

mpho Malatji

I received a call for interview at Samancor.i never received any information about the day time and place


i have received several calls from this number and when i call it back it says is not valid


06 FEB 2015, I have received a call to attend interview of Anglo American and I asked that person to send me email for details but he didn't get back to me.


I also received call from this number and the woman said she will phone again


Same story received a call yesterday about an interview to attend on 2 March 2015 looked on my emails she never send any details


Received a call from this number tried to call back. It's invalid number.


I also received the call, the lady by name of Koketso or something. her direct number 011 638 3348. claim to be working for anglo American resourcing. don't trust her


I received a call from thins number 0116380000 about an interview from anglo American on Tuesday 11 -2015 in lydenburg. when I call the number it does not exist. This is a scam don't trust her.
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