Who is calling or texting from 087-310-9530?
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Who Called Me From 087-310-9530?

dont answer

I get a daily call from this number. I don't answer.




Getting calls from this number at all hours of day, it hangs up as soon as you answer.


Got a call from 0873109530. Heard a call centre in the background. They put the phone down immediately when you say hello.


I also kept receiving calls from this number, as well as (031) 0012921. Asked Vodacom to block these numbers which they don't do, as they only can reveal a caller's identity when you report it at the police. So much for protecting their clients! With all sorts of identity theft and sim swops going around, one should think that your mobile service provider would offer some sort of protection.


Exactly the same is happening to me from both numbers. The 087 number is from India and the 031 number shows it is from Durban, but the number is not registered? They are bugging me as well. I saved both numbers as Stalker 1 and Stalker 2, not to waist my time to answer the calls.Some days up to 3-4 times.


I also got this missed calls today from the 087 number and the 031 no. I answered the call yesterday from the 031 001 2921, its the vodacom call centre, they wanted me to add an additional contract to my name so as to "save" me money, i told them to call again today, but im not answering the call. its probably a trick the callcentre agents do in order to up their stats to show they have made so many phonecalls per day but never actually spoke to the client.
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