Who is calling or texting from 087-577-4162?
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Who Called Me From 087-577-4162?


Received automated RSA call stating this is FNB fraud department - is this true?


Seems legit. When you call back, just automated system, asking if a given transaction on your account was made by you.


Agreed, legit. Could not find this number on FNB's site, but the transaction described by the automated system was mine and I did not need to provide sensitive information, I only needed to select a single identifying item from a multiple choice menu.


I had the same call. They didn't ask for any info, just wanted me to confirm that a transaction I did yesterday was legit. They had all the info, all I had to do was tell them if I made the transaction or not.


yes it's legit, I called back and entered information and was transferred to an operator in the FNB call centre
This call system saved a R4825 payment going off my card from Facebok advertising!
4 years ago
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