Who is calling or texting from area code 125?
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They left a voice mail when I played msg Recorded msg informing me of a
Warrant with a phone # to call back. my caller I'd said "scam likely" so needless to say I didn't call it back when I researched it online it was labeled as a Justice scam

scam survey
J Lary:

Calling my home phone at 11:45 p.m. for past 3 nights. When you answer - dead air.

They tell me that Windows sent them a message and my coverage expired last month, they needed some information about my computer. But then said when you buy a computer it has some kind of numbers that they needed so they could help clean the computer???? Yeah clean the computer alright, I only have a tablet !!!

These people claim to be from Windows Microsoft and they are telling me that someone hacked my pc, because of all the errors that they have noticed. The guy says his name is Pete, James or some other English name when it is apparent that they have an east indian accent. I am so very sick of this total scam.
edwin ramos:

Edwin ramos

This number has called all day long. It has a 5 before the area code at times. No message left

I get calls from scammers who say that I took out a payday loan or did something online and they say that they are going to prosecute if I don't make arrangements. They don't have correct info and if I request documents in writing tthey come up w/ some excuse. This has been going on for months... Well, almost a year now. According to them I shouldve been prosecuted months ago. They say this all to scare you.

Called me and knew my mom's name. SCARY.

Someone needs to make this stop.this is getting out of control
Tired of Scammers:

Someone with very thick accent called from this number and said, they are the company who supports every Microsoft user in USA. Did not introduce himself, did not tell me the name of the company and when I said I'm going to file a harassment claim, hung up on me. Very push, rude individual!

Got a call from the number, answered it and no one was there. Finally got a busy signal that they had hung up.

I answered and they said they were doing a radio survey and asked what radio stations i had listened to in the past 7 days, what age group i was in, ethnicity, and name. then they said they'd pay me for helping out but never once did they tell me what he name of the group doing the survey was called. i just told them the radio station, ethnicity and age group.
can they do anything with that information?

Same. Here no ans and no Ans.on call back didn't happen til I went on line to get loan

I have incoming call the number display 1253429c454 of course, I did't answer but I tray to call back the number it was non working number
Mike Osburn:

Check this out. I believe this is why they call me.


this is my personal, hosted from home, web site about electronic harassment in Fort Lauderdale, FL

These people are claiming they are bill collectors called CSI, but have no information to whom they are calling asking to provide them with your personal information. Do not inform you that they are a debt collector. Calls back to back after I have asked them to send all future communications in writing and I would send them a certified letter stating so. Would not release the address to me and just told me really. They are very rude.

The number on my cell display actually looks like this: 1253429c454. What's with the "c" and no dashes... Clearly this is irregular. Of course I did not answer.