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This Number is calling from Newark, New Jersey

Who Called Me From 201-285-2011?


Scam. The caller with the Indian accent will tell you that they are calling from "Windows" company, LOL and that they have reports from your computer that it has a virus. They will want to walk you through the process of attempting *to fix it* and will actually be guiding you to give them remote access so that they can steal all your private information, specifically online banking, or take control of your computer and not allow you to have access back unless you wire them money. This is fraud and a scam and you are encouraged to fill out a report online with FTC.


Same initial spiel. He called several times. I took his phone number to call him back. I looked up this phone number on google. It is listed on several sites to claim it as a scam and fraud, even Microsoft lists it as a scam. He called back and I listened to his spiel again and told him, no, I'm not logged into my computer and I'm not going to log into my computer because he is a fraud and a scammer. He yelled at me and asked me why I was wasting his time. I asked him why he was wasting MY time. He wanted to know WHY I thought he was a scammer and I told him I googled his number. I told him I had Homeland Security on the line with me and they are tracing the call and he can expect to hear from them. He hung up on me. He (Mark Wilson with an Indian accent) called me two more times and started his spiel anew. I told him thanks for calling me so that Homeland Security can get more information on him. He hung up.


I just received a call from a gentleman with a heavy Indian accent and a poor command of the English language; he was claiming to be a representative of Microsoft and that my computer (a Mac) has a serious virus. He asked if my computer was on and I said, "no" (it actually was). He went on about how serious the problem was and asked if I had noticed anything wrong with my computer. I replied, "I have not." He said that did not matter the problem was there. When I asked, "Can I have a call back number for Microsoft Tech, so I can call when my young children are asleep?", he did not want to give me a number. He finally gave me the following number he claimed was toll free 1-201-285-201
He then proceeded to still get me to "fix" the problem with his help with a very hard sell. I thanked him for the number and hung up. I searched the number and Microsoft online and found out about this scam.

Jane Doe1

Indian fellow (or good accent-imitation of one) claims to call from this phone number but be aware, the crooks have means to use the Internet and technology to present a false number on your Caller ID screen. [Several years ago, I told off another scammer (sounded like from Nigeria), the same scammer then proceeded to bombard me with one call after another maybe 30 times in total, seconds apart, not only to intimidate me but to show he can't be traced... as each call displayed a different phone number on the Caller ID screen!]


I already knew this was crap, as it's been going on for a long time, with the ID coming up as "Out of Area" He told me he was in Iceland, and that I couldn't afford an international phone call when I asked for the return phone number. When I told him I had to go take care of a grandchild, he asked me if the grandchildren were more important than my computer. What a doofus....
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