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This Number is calling from Newark, New Jersey

Who Called Me From 201-351-7748?


Two rings but complete silence when I picked up. I would have ignored it but I have relatives in that area.

Educated in America

The "Do Not Call List" is only effective against legal firms that have a legal footprint where they can be prosecuted. "The Caller Id" means nothing because they can type in anything they want, for any or every phone call, so there's no legal significants to it. They are so illegal they don't care about anything you have to say. They only value info they can use to access accounts with money in them. Or scare you or your relatives into sending them money. They have all the time in the world. They fear nothing. You can't threaten them, can't insult them, can't reason with them in any way. They want to engage you in any conversation they can. The more discussion, the greater the chance to understand you and your vulnerabilities, and use it against you and yours. By the way antagonizing them doesn't do much either. They just get nastier on the phone to you or the next person they talk to. If they can wrangle you up, irritate you, get your goat, it just charges them up, builds their egos, for the next go round with you or the next person. A single $1000.00 hit can, where they live, feed and motivate them and their families for months and months. They are just taking advantage of dumb, stupid, rich Americans. It's best to understand that there's no way to stop them, like a force of nature, (hunger, greed, squalor) they'll just keep coming, undaunted, unending. Don't let them "get your goat", just be the person who you are, and get on with your life. Oh yes, and cut and paste this comment to all other "Report phone number comment columns" share the information with others who need to hear this. Regards.
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