Ms. LaPoint

Ms. LaPoint said:

This caller called my unlisted phone number & when I questioned the man as to where he got my unlisted phone number, he said that he did not yet tell me he was a telemarketer. I then told him I am on the do not call list for telemarketers & he hung up on without saying another word to me.
This is the first time he called me so far.
I do not accept calls from people I don't know & who don't know me.


anonymous said:

This person called our home at a late hour. They hung up on us just like the last caller mentioned when we tried to gather more information about them. Very suspicious and shady.


Herb said:

Continual calls from this number. Never anyone there the few times I picked up. Looks like the "Do Not Call" list is a joke.


anonymoustoo said:

Hang ups and open line. Who are these people?


Lloyd said:

I've received about 20 calls from this # and I was never able to reach anyone when I called back they were mostly hang up calls,late last night I finally fit someone to answer my callback and I was told it was. Dr.Greenleafs office and that their telemarketer Kerry Bruno has been calling me. so I asked what kind of Dr. It is and I'm told a gynecologist! I'm a man! SMH


helen said:

just hang-ups....

Another Michael

Another Michael said:

I just received a call from 1-201-464-0155 and when I asked them, Why are you calling me?, they hung up without an saying another word. Does anyone know who calls from this number?

Jim L

Jim L said:

Yep! I pick-up another call and nobody replies 8pm

anonymous anonymous

anonymous anonymous said:

With my phone registered in the this number calls daily. Today I left the vmail running and heard television loud in the background. This is a verizon mobile number registered out of Hackensack. Anyone have any connections to verizon to find a name? I have a connection but won't see them for a few weeks.


anonymous said:

These are telemarketers, what they sell is unknown, they never leave message, and don't allow you to call them back. They start calling my house sometimes at 9am, and last call at 9pm, what a way to make a living.

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