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This Number is calling from Washington, Washington DC

Who Called Me From 202-280-7079?


First they called my office to leave a message. Then when I call back, the English sounding name is not available so I speak to a guy with an educated Indian accent. He says he is from US Treasury enforcement. Says they will be serving me a supeona tomorrow morning and then I'd have to pay court costs and civil penalties. Says they wrote to me before (but I never received anything). He seemed to know some info about me but nothing that couldn't be gleaned from the internet or a credit report. I told him it was bizarre, I didn't owe money to the treasury so just do what he wants to do. end of conversation. I searched, and saw that others had been scammed from a similar number from same provider.

I got the same story from this Number (202-280-7079). The first call was on Friday July 11. Then he ( "officer Ben Blake") called Today July !5 to my employer leaving an urgent message that the the legal dept. of the US Treasury had legal clams against me. What a joke!
4 years ago


IRS Impersonator Scammer. Wants to be paid by green dot moneypak card. Yeah, right.
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