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This Number is calling from Washington, Washington DC

Who Called Me From 202-470-2490?

Michele Bugbee

Person called stated was from Washington DC
Wanted to give me a GRANT for $10,000. Said that since I had been making my student loan payments, I qualified. Wouldn't MAIL anything. He DID want my debit info or checking account number. Yeah, right. NOT


I just recieved a call (202-470-2490) from someone claiming to be from the grants department in DC. Gave me some qualifications which would match almost everyone. He called me about 5 times today. I could not get him to stop calling, even when I hung up on him. So I played out his story on the phone for 15 minutes, played stupid with him until he finally hung up on me. I hope no one falls for this.


Identified herself as Nancy Anderson calling from the US government grant dept. I gave up after 3 minutes.


Called me as well. Thick foreign accent, hard to understand, but I told them I wasn't interested.


Thick foreign accent and extremely hard to understand! Wanted to send 10,200.00 to my bank account! No way,,,,, scam


Wanted to deposit at my card or bank account $10,200 as federal grand approved by treasure grand department. To process grand need to call 646-583-0870 and found green-dot money pack catch. What a joke?...Careful about the scam.

Robert Sergei

stop calling me


I got the call too. Question is, how does this "jerk"/scam business know that I have student loans??? That makes me nervous


They knew that we paid all our bills, had a thick accent, owned a home, and that we graduated college without debt. super creepy. Became aggressive when my wife wouldn't give over the account number.


They keep brothering me by calling my job an my cell leaving me messages an voice mails an treating me if I don't pay such an such they r going to send the cops to my job ... Had me so upset an crying ... how do they found out my information ....


I just received a phone call from (202) 470-2490
DC, USA. Claiming to be from Washington DC offering a US Grant of $10,000. I was given a grant confirmation number and an accountant accountant officers phone number of 646-583-0870. They wanted to know if I wanted the money in my bank account, a prepaid card or did I want a Western Union. I had a feeling this was a scam so I told them Western Union. I received a grant confirmation number. I then returned the phone call and give them the confirmation number and my first name and I was told to call back in 10 minutes. When I called back I called back wth *67. I was then put on hold for a few minutes while they looked up my so-called information. Was told that I would go to Western Union and I would have to purchase a card for $240 then I would go inside with them on the phone and fill out a form to receive this grant from Western Union. When I told them that US grants would not be offered and I had to pay them because US grants were free. He then began to argue with me. And then intern told him he was a scam and I was reporting him.


Do these people really not know that google exist. lol Hope that no one gets caught up in this. If it sounds too good it probably is.


Maybe Eric Holder will get them being they are in DC? How AND WHY DOSE THIS GO ON???


Just received the same call from 202-470-2490. The lady said she worked for the US treasures office and the government wanted to give me a grant for 10200.00 and need my bank account. I ask the lady to send me the information by email she said that they weren't set up for that. I told her to let me call her back and she gave me 645-583-0870. She gave me a confirmation I'd and ask me to call her back with my information. I didn't I got on Google and looked it up. SCAM!!!!!!


Received a call from a person stating that he was from the Government I ask him which government because I could just about understand his speech he hung up. This is a scam for sure it is happening more and more everyday it is someone claiming to be something or someone they r not.
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