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This Number is calling from Washington, Washington DC

Who Called Me From 202-506-9860?


Who called me from this for number said that was the IRS. It's scam the IRS doesn't made phone calls
I got calls also.
4 years ago
I received a call from number 202-506-9860 they said they were from the IRS and tried to scam me out of $5,800 dollars and if I did not pay I would be going to jail for five years. They went as far as to say they would call me back in the morning with a bank account number for me to put the money into. Look out these are pros also they sounded like they were foreign.
4 years ago
I just received a call from number 202-506-9860 saying that they were from the IRS. They did have an old address of mine - which is a little creepy. Like above, they said I could pay the $6,999 or I would be arrested in 30 minutes and go to jail for 5 years. They also said they'd seize all my assets. They do sound foreign.
4 years ago


This is a scam... I've actually called the IRS office myself a couple of times and was informed that this is a scam that's been going on. Yes, the people do sound foreign and sounding like they were reading a script.

Anonymous II

I just received the second of two calls from 202-506=9860. The first call said to call them back and do not ignore the call... When I called back, the phone rang repeatedly; after calling again in 15 min, it said the voicemail was filled up. That was two weeks ago... I just got the second call about 30 min ago saying the same thing. I called the number back and it took a couple of attempts to get someone over the phone... The first message left the name "HEATHER GRAY", so that's who I asked for. When the operator picked up the phone, she had a heavy foreign accent, stating that the IRS has been trying to serve me with a warrant for tax evasion and that I owe them $3999.86 for tax years 2011 and 2012. She said that there was no room for negotiation at this point and that I need to pay the tax deficiency or they would seize all my assets, bank accounts, passport, driver's license, etc. She said if I wanted to settle out of court I only had 30 minutes to comply. I told her I didn't understand what she was saying to me and she got nasty and said she was only an operator and she was doing her job. When I asked to speak to someone that I could actually understand she got nasty again and threatened me with sending an agent out to arrest me. She finally said what do you want to do and I said I don't have $4000 so she said how much do you have and I said $700. She said she could settle out of court for that amount and make arrangements for collecting the rest. I knew it was a scam but this is crazy! She actually thought she was going to get some money from me. When I asked for the IRS case number, she hung up on me... This is a mess! I hope nobody falls for this foolishness!!!
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