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This Number is calling from Washington, Washington DC

Who Called Me From 202-568-6936?


Is an IRS scam, they call by routing the IRS 800 number.
Scammers use the IRS 1 800 821040 to reflect on your caller ID but then ask you to call them back to a different number. They will try to confirm information they have about you then they will try to frighten you with being arrested if you do of comply and pay your dues to the IRS.
I hang up the phone on them and contacted the IRS who confirmed to me that it was a cam. It is also my understanding that the IRS communicate by mail.

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I received the same call as above. Sounded recorded and it said that if the money was not paid to the IRS a felony warrant would be issued and a lien would be put on my property.


recorded message saying to call 2025686936 within an hour to settle unpaid taxes or warrant had been issued and someone would show up at our door to arrest us. obvious scam because of the delay before recording started. we don't use our names , just say we aren't available and leave a message. we never answer this land line phone because no one we know ever calls us on it, it is just unsolicited political candidates, gutter and duct work and roofing salesmen, and one confused lady who is apparently in a nursing home who keeps trying to get "sadie" on the line, or calls from various charity truck drivers who are "in the neighborhood". sometimes our message box gets filled with these types of messages, and they may sit there for a week or more before we even bother to check the message box. this is a first for someone pretending to be from the IRS.
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