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This Number is calling from Washington, Washington DC

Who Called Me From 202-747-1798?


Leaves message saying there is a major lawsuit against me and needs information. No agency name or blurts the name.


He said his name is Jim Dugan and that he's calling from a fraud investigation unit regarding my charges and needs information from me for the case. It sounds very suspiscious, he did not give the name of an agency and I am not under investigation for fraud. The call was disconnected.


Company acb assets call with 2 different phone numbers say I owe for a bill invention company ask for a letter he type the amount different and didn't remember what was on the letter it was a error then I call this sinatyre company also scamming with them for payments which I am canceling my debit card today what was the company name she gave a total different name called ironwood which that name is not on the letter he type for me same phone number for both names ncw billing for signatures foryour card her number is 1855 3264811 the acb number has 2 different 8557092847 or2027471790 or2027471798. These names do
Not even show up for listing for the acb or ironwood nor numbers numbers from dc district of Columbus IRS said these numbers were used for scams nit even address no such address match the business scam being reported to the world but mainly police dept you will be caught!!!!!


I hardly ever use my cell phone. I just got my first voice mail messages from (202) 747-1798 (a telemarketer). I don't want those kind of calls. CORRECTION: It was not a genuine telemarketer. They were saying something about ACB(?) Assets, my file number, a returned item from my bank, a way for voluntary resolution. Also, at the beginning of their message, when they were stating who the message was for, the name was garbled/not understandable. Of course, that was because they did not know my name.


I have received several calls from this "supposed" company. They call stating they are calling from ACB financial services to collect a debt for VIP Loan Company, a payday loan. I do not owe any money for any pay day loan. The man said his name was Robert Denning. It's funny as this is the 5th company that has called to try to collect a debt from me stating they are calling for VIP Loans. Scammers selling information. I asked for verification of debt as well as their physical address. Mr. Denning said I would receive it at court. They said they haven't been able to serve my yet I have lived and worked at the same address for the last 4 years. Idiots!


This company is INSANE!!!! They called me one time and said that they were coming to my house to serve me but I could speak to a lawyer first. They supposedly placed me on hold. There was just dead air and the same man that I just spoke to changed his voice to sound like a southern accent and said he was Mr. Johnson. He told me I could set up a payment arrangement and I said I wanted verification of the debt. He would not provide me with any written documents about what debt that I owed. He put me on hold again, which was again just dead air and a young woman came on the phone and told me it was a recorded line, etc. Again, I asked for verficiation of the debt that I supposedly owed and I also told her that the man before sounded like he changed his voice. She said "Oh my" and giggled and hung up the phone. I called back and the same girl who I was transferred to, pick up the phone as a receptionist. I questioned that she sounded like the same girl and she started yelling and saying she just got to work. I asked to speak to one of the "lawyers" in the office and SURPRISE...they were all in a meeting. I gave her my contact number and asked for someone to call me. I waited a couple of hours and called back. Again, I was told they were still in a meeting and they would get back to me. Months went by and then the calls start again about I have a bad check and I need to call or have my lawyer call. These people are crazy and criminals


They have called several times leaving a message about an "impending lawsuit." I should call them, or have my attorney call them to arrangement for settlement. They give a "case number." I no outstanding anything. I would hazard a guess that no one on this board does, either. I have reported them to my local FBI office as they are using an out-of-state phone number. I have also had them blocked on my cell and reported them to my cell carrier. I hope that's the last I hear of them.
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