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This Number is calling from Washington, Washington DC

Who Called Me From 202-800-5672?


Given what I experienced and what I've read elsewhere, I surmise this to be a company that does robo-calls for hire. Although, I'm not sure if they have sales reps in-house or they simply transfer the call to _their_ customer when you answer.

In any event, I received two calls, I answered the second time. CID said "TELETOWN HALL" and it was a robocall (claiming to be) from my US Congressional Rep with a "live town hall meeting" that I could stay on-line to join.

I have no reason to doubt it but still I can't completely attest to the veracity of the claim since my wireless phone glitched and hung up before I was connected.

David Banks at AT

They called saying I was being called to participate in some TownHall Meeting for a Republican cause. That's impossible. I'm on the Do Not Call registry. Here's an idea...Lets stop relying on help from those who are supposed to enforce that Do Not Call Registry and take matters into our own hands...We can hunt these f-heads (and their families) down and punish them as we see fit. Oh....And I also think that these websites are actually part of the problem - you know...feeding our numbers and info into the robo - call companies...ever think about it?


I dont even live NEAR D.C!
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