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This Number is calling from Birmingham, Alabama

Who Called Me From 205-996-6809?


It was a woman claiming to be the dept. of public health .......which I don't believe ...I told her not to call my cell phone again ...
Little ole me:
Same thing happened to me. She has been calling my cell several times and not leaving a message. When I return the call, it is always busy (no message confirming it as the health dept... Seems like a scam.).
3 years ago


UAB Dept of Epidemiology survey--it looks like they call. Declined generous offer of $20 for participation, and they offered to remove my number from their list. Took 5-6 calls to reach a human being.
*they call from (205) 966-XXXX numbers, several times a week.
3 years ago
*(205) 996-XXXX, rather
3 years ago
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