Who is calling or texting from 206-430-5347?
Telemarketers? Debt Collectors? Scams?
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This Number is calling from Seattle, Washington

Who Called Me From 206-430-5347?


Says I'm being summoned


Caller left threatening message about court action being taken.Said to call 206-430-5347, but never gave name, identity of company or law firm calling for, and never even in indicated the name of the person she was leaving the message for!


Received that call tonight and also says I am being summoned and when I try to return the call, says that extension is unavailable because they are on the other line and unable to accept messages.
This just happened to my soon and he is a minor
4 years ago


They are the QWEST Corporation in Seattle Wshington. Just submitted a complaint to the FTC.

BH Poole

Called my work and said I was being summoned to court . called Sherrif's Department. They said it must be a scam. I would get a registered letter through mail if this were true.
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