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This Number is calling from Bainbridge Is, Washington

Who Called Me From 206-451-5427?


This number keeps randomly calling me and when I answer there is no one on the other line.
This number has called me in the six times in the last 6 days at very early times in the morning. I did get someone to speak and they offered to fill a prescription, but then hung up. I called them back and told them to stop calling me. I also called to find out who they were and was told they are a pharmacy in Washington that fills medicine for Wallgreens, but then was disconnected when I tried to get more information.
5 years ago


This number calls repeatedly. The caller has a foreign accent and says he is calling from some pharmacy to refill a prescription. I have told him he has the wrong number but he continues to call - sometimes 3 or 4 times in a row if I don't answer.


Same caller, same bogus pharmacy. Just stop calling. This is harassment!
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