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This Number is calling from Seattle, Washington

Who Called Me From 206-497-8499?


I've gotten four phone calls just today from this number. They've left two voice mails where the person on the other end is talking so quietly, you can't even hear what they're saying.


I have had this number call me several times over the last week saying they are from some company, but the persons accent is so thick, and he is speaking so fast I can't understand him. He says his name is Tom white (yea right) and then starts asking me if I love him and when I say excuse me? What type of company do you work for. He then starts using profanity and obscene language. And after I tell him he is rude, he calls me a f-ing bitch. Whoever this person or company is they need to be reported.


They called me telling me I was approved for a loan that I never applied for then argued with me, then told me they know where I live and that they've been in my house...they wouldn't dare come meet my two best friends smith and Wesson..they especially like intruders who don't speak English
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