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Who Called Me From 206-866-5053?


Erick Johnson
Toni Combs:
First Robin called and then Erick Johnson called both are from India said, "that the United States Gov. was going to give me thousands of dollars, but I would have to pay $200.00 in taxes for the thousands of dollars before she could issue me a check." Ha!Ha!Ha! so funny what a scam!!!! Jokes on them I am turning Robin
4 years ago
Toni Combs:
Oh! It was a grant from the U.S. Gov. I was suppose to receive. I just remembered Robin sounds just like the same person that called me about my bladder surgery...well I haven't ever had bladder surgery or am incontinent and also he called about continuing education...okay I'm 61 years old...I'm not going back to school. Totally ridiculous!!!!
4 years ago


They called my boyfriend from a private number saying he was approved for some grant. Then told him to call this number and ask for Erica Johnson. Then she told him he had to pay 200.00 to get the grant. He said you don't pay for grants. Then the chick hung up. It sounded like the same girl who called him from the private number. Asian chick


Got the same call...I was chosen, one of only 200 in the country to qualify for the U.S Gov't grant of $6700 and you don't have to pay it back, ever!...however you can hear a massive phone room in the back round all saying the same thing. All I have to do is call Erica Johnson at 2068665053 after 5 min...this crap really needs to stop. My Dad before he died at the age of 83 fell victim to one of these scams and it cleaned him out...
Toni Combs:
Jonathan, You can contact the United States Federal Trade Commission and explain your call to them. They will direct you to the correct department, that will send you paper work to turn these scamers in and shut them down. I receive calls all day, every day. I hope this helps!!!
4 years ago


i got the same call, and same amount of $6700 but i had to get a green dot type of card, not the visa ones but a different one. i was told that to get the money i would have to pay $250 and within 2 hours i would receive a check for $6950. i asked how if i asked to receive a check in the mail would i get it in 2 hours, she never answered just dodged around it. please be careful out there people!

Jon Handles

When I questioned them due to the fact that it didn't make sense they (Erica Johnson)got defensive. The first lady said there is no payment, took my card info and gave me a number to call. When I did call Erica Johnson and she seen I wasn't falling for that ($200) scam, she called me a dumb ass and hung up the phone. Well shes ths dumb ass about to get shut down. Don't fall for it ppl.
-Brooklyn Jay 718-

K. Brown

When they asked me to pay the taxes on the money, I countered by asking for them to mail out their W9(it contains their tax ID info) so Erica hung up in my face. Couldn't get a answer when I called back. Lol too funny!!!


They called me too ab surgery lol
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