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Who Called Me From 206-929-6655?


Called and offered a grant of $7000 from the federal reserve. I was to call this number and give a confirmation code, which was given to me over the phone.
Same here they called and told my mother she was picked for a 7000 dollar grant has to call a number and give a code new it was fake
1 year ago

Helen bailey

They called me the Michelle girl and I talk to a guy and they told me to put

Helen bailey

$200 on a card and I would get my 7000 do not do it it is a scam


When I told him I knew he was a scammer he started cursing me out and I cursed him back the no didn't show in my recent calls



chun wong

f**k , i should come here before i give a f**ker 1000 dollars , cause i thought it was real grand money 。avoid, i call the police already..


They have been calling me for days on a private number. Couldnt block. Says i get grant money...i don't believe as only good money is money earned... Call the number to get on the no call list...google it...

Vicki Hignight

I just got the same phone call for the 7k federal government grant. When I asked, "How do I know this is not a scam?", I was told, "No, ma'am. This is not a scam. You were selected from a government survey of 1500... blah, blah, blah." I decided to Google this number before calling it and found IT IS A SCAM! So glad I did

Vicki Hignight

Just called the number on my call log 646-4695 to find it is no longer in service.


I got a call for federal government grant i got an offer of 7000 the crazy thing is that i apply for one before so i thought it was this one so i paid $950 i was really stupid to do it and then they wanted more money so i curse them out i told them i wanted to cancel it and they said i had to pay $250 i got even more piss so i lost $950 and no 7000 either the number is 2069296655


Got the same call for a $7000 grant. They asked how I wanted to receive the money so I gave them the card # to an empty prepaid gift card. They gave a phone number to call (206-929-6655) to release the funds, but I haven't called, and if they try to withdraw money from that card they might get a $1. Not calling this number!


THEY TOOK 300 dollars from me im so upset because that was the last to my name it is a scam please report and police said it is nothing they can do because i paid them throughthe itunes card and it isnt traceable!!! and they wont refund my money and told me i had topay more money


Same call for me today 😡 But i haven't called back

Ken M

I received the same call and was able to retrieve my free federal money the same day from wal-mart in the form of an IOU. I have not received the 400 doller refund promised yet but those sweet federal IOU funds are burning a hole in my khakis.

Belinda C.

Ken, how did you get an IOU from Walmart? I have never heard of such a thing.
Belinda C.:
Ken, how did you get a government IOU from Walmart? that sounds ridiculous!
10 months ago
Ken M:
lady at the front door wrote it up for me, said that anyone with happyface stickers is a trusted government agent
10 months ago
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