Who is calling or texting me from area code 209?
Telemarketers? Debt Collectors? Scams?
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Area Code: 209

Location Info for Area Code 209

State/Province: California

Cities:   note: the number in parentheses is the prefix for that city

(200) Lodi
(201) Merced
(202) Turlock
(204) Manteca
(206) Tuolumne
(207) Tracy
(208) Copperopolis
(212) Fresno
(213) Sonora
(214) Modesto
(215) Gustine
(217) Jackson
(224) Stockton
(243) Newman
(245) Plymouth
(251) Galt
(253) Ripon
(258) Twin Bridges
(260) Herald
(264) Pinecrest
(265) Valley Springs
(266) Coulterville
(267) Sutter Creek
(274) Ione
(293) West Point
(295) Pioneer
(296) Pine Grove
(315) Riverbank
(322) Oakdale
(330) Waterford
(336) Yosemite National Park
(348) Lockeford
(351) Linden
(356) Atwater
(364) Dos Palos
(374) Catheys Valley
(375) Fish Camp
(376) Hornitos
(379) Yosemite
(382) Le Grand
(394) Livingston
(428) Angels Camp
(432) Twain Harte
(436) Groveland
(440) Snelling
(441) La Grange
(498) San Andreas
(509) Los Banos
(542) Hughson
(553) Walnut Grove
(690) Crows Landing
(691) Escalon
(728) Murphys
(742) Mariposa
(757) Farmington
(782) Jamestown
(892) Patterson
(894) Vernalis

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ...:

Calls, no one there...then I hear a recording say 'Good by'.????

Is the point to see if you are not home so they can come rob you?

silence on phone for 3 or 4 seconds, then a beep and a recorded voice saying goodbye. the caller id says 'california'

We met through a date website, I wonder why when I call he never picks up but he'll call me back and he'll text me. There is no greeting msg on his phone but he'll text me asap and I'm very curious.

He was someone I met online but when I call him even though he don't answer made me feel like something is up so I'm curious and I'm getting text msg.

He was someone I met online but when I call him even though he don't answer made me feel like something is up so I'm curious

out of control calling my number, no one answers started last week, 6-7 times a day

I received 31 calls from this number today!

Debt collectors with nasty attitudes....Request a validation of debt letter sent to your home address only and then make arrangements from that point...otherwise disregard anything they say.
Joe M.:

I receive a call every single weekday from this phone number. Definite telemarketer and/or scammer. Do not give this person any of your information!!!

says he is an officer (but can't speak English so officer of what I have no clue!) Was looking for my bosses wife, the phone is listed in her name. I have been scammed by an almost identical caller....trying to say you have charges against you...blah blah blah...IT'S A SCAM!!!

I want to know who is calling me at this number

MLM Marketing company--SPAM

If you have a concern that you are receiving unwanted calls as part of MedicAlert's Charitable Giving campaign you can call 800-432-5378 to be removed from the call lists. Your request will be honored.

I got this number from answer machine about buying a car.

Who is calling me

Found out this is a escort



It's a scam! Dont do it..the purpose of a loan is for them to give you money, not you give it to them.

Aggressive caller left cb #, mumbled something indiscernible. I believe it is a collection agency.

Was told my computer was infected and may go down at any time. Could barely understand him, thought should check it out, thank goodness!

They keep calling my cell phone and I can't get them to stop,they told me if I paid them $50.00 they would stop.
Dannie Mason:

They said that they were calling from pch.
george s:

guy keeps calling and then wants to "ask a question about our network marketing " and hangs up

these people have called my husband 100s of times. they are rude and flat out told my husband that they are stealing thousands of dollars from the american people and love every minute of it. they are calling him from several different numbers and each time they cuss him and tell him they are just going to harass him for as long as they can. they are completely ridiculous. every time they call my husband he answers the phone and they hang up, so my husband calls them back. figures if they wont stop calling him, he will continue to call them.

I've had like 100s of calls from them in they past 2 weeks stating they are from dollar tree loan services and I've been approved which I have never applied with them and when I told the man that he stated why the f would I call if you didn't apply so I got mad and cursed back and when I did he said he will shoot me down right now he threatened my life I have a family of 4 that's the last thing I need is a foreign man threatening me this has to stop its gone way to far

I was called more than 5 times after asking "Martin" to stop calling me. Then he got vulgar and horribly disrespectful. Who are these people?

Claims to work for Microsoft, then gives website as help4windows.com, which is an unregistered domain name. Defrauded my customer of $140 after convincing them they had a virus.

40 calls to a adult chat line showed up on my Discover card from this phone number for a total of almost $2000.00..not funny

These people are using a VoIP service by www.bandwidth.com

Call bandwidth and they will tell you that the 209 number calls are being made by one of their resellers.

They won't tell you who the reseller is.

But maybe your local police or the correct authorities will investigate it.

We have called the 209 number 100s of times today and it seems the people may be muslim as "F*** allah" really upset them after a while when the woman replied "Do not play with God"

Unless that's just a front

get a airhorn
Sarah Caetano:

Philip Openshaw DDS
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Modesto, CA 95350

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Danielle Cambridge:

Sharon Brown they got my family big time and we are about to get put out our home. I sent them 183 dollars for verification process. Then I had to give the bank 250 dollars for the electronic transaction.Then when I called them back after 40minutes the money was not in my account. This man said he need another 350 for the insurance wtf. I told that arab my is about to get put on the streets and he said I don't care.
sharon brown:

Called and told me I qualified for a loan amount of $3, 000. Re payment terms are 24 months at $140. First they required me to buy a green dot money card loaded with $200 for banking verification which tells them I am able to pay it back. I asked her how does putting money on a card tell I I can pay a loan back. No thank you.
ready to drive to CA:

I've been getting harassed by this phone number. They claim that i applied for an auto loan. Call back and say I applied for a payday loan, then threaten me with a lawsuit for a bad check. Told them to take me off of whatever list they are using. Still calling. Time to file a complaint(once the FTC is back at work) and sue these bastards! They are located in CA. Ready to drive there and confront these bastards!!!!

I keep getting calls from this number and when I answer there is no one saying anything. And then they call back..... It's my son's prepaid phone!!!! When will it stop?