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This Number is calling from San Antonio, Texas

Who Called Me From 210-247-0221?


Caller from this number wanted to come to our home on a holiday to take our Personal Medical Information to report to our Dr. She explained that it was a free service and that our Health Insurance would cover it and that the interview would take about 30 minutes for each of us. I explained that we would not be home and that our Dr. already knows all of our medical information.
Person from this number called again attempting to do exactly the same thing. I told her outright that it was a scam and that I am not buying into it. I am concerned that other senior citizens may fall into their trap. It is pretty scarey for sure.
5 years ago


They call and call and call and never leave a msg. I figure if it's THAT important they would leave a message, otherwise, they aren't worth my time. They just hassle you. I sleep during the day and I'm sick of them calling me.

When looked up it says Zip Code 78205 - Provider" MCIMETRO ACCESS TRANSMISSION SERVICES LLC ~~whatever that means~~ I know what the MCIMETRO is, but why a transmission service?


Harassing senior citizens
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