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Who Called Me From 213-141-5163?


Call claiming to be from IRS and that they have filed a law suit
J Man:
I received the same message from another number.
3 years ago
I also got a call from this "IRS Agent" who said I owed $3500 and there was a warrant out for my arrest, but I could settle this now. I'm waiting for the marshals to come and get me.
3 years ago


I just got a voicemail from this same number. Claimed to be the IRS with my FINAL notice before they file a lawsuit against me (LOL)!?!? I'd be more amused EXCEPT.... There WILL be some lil' ol' lady out there who WILL panic/call back/pay up!!! Scumbags


exact same thing warrant for arrest


I received the same threat that IRS was suing me. The sad thing is you cant talk to a human at the IRS to verify anything.


I received same IRS lawsuit threat. I know IRS they don't work this way. Total Scam and trash but fear some may fall for it. Adding my voice to others. Don't panic, Check it out


I received a call claiming that the IRS is suing me and that it was my final call from them. They gave me a phone no. to return their call. The number was 209-200-4638. I would not call that number.


Received a call from an "officer" of the IRS, no name given. It said the IRS is suing me and that it was my final call from them. They told me to call 347-637-6194. Yeah, sure. Scam bags!
I got a call from the same number. Talked to 3 different people from outside the US with American names. I was hung up after over 20 minutes of being told I was about to be arrested and sent to jail for defrauding the government. They eventually hung up when I would not comply to their 3 demands. Total scam.
3 years ago


I recieved a call from this number last night then again this morning. The person had a foreign accent


Same as all the rest. Even on the Nationwide Do Not Call List..lol. A lot of good it does. Pass this on to your friends and family before they fall victim.


Received the same "IRS" call. They left a number to call back. I have received this message about 3 or 4 times now.
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