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This Number is calling from Los Angeles, California

Who Called Me From 213-426-0597?


This person pretends his name is Hector Henderson and is in the oil business due to his late father's passing and needs financial help from women to be able to pay taxes on the monies made. Do not help this an it is a hoax and you will never hear from him again.
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5 years ago


same thing, said alot about oil and dad dieing and mentioned not able to afford to go get the oil or something like that. He sent a long email about alot of weird stuff from other countries and now he wants to move with his new wife because he is widowed. met him on a dating site. Gave a message about his comcast email address and couldn't communicate on the site, that was suspicious right there but wasn't sure. Either way after calling the number he just has an answering machine who "all the ladies" call into and he calls back as he sees fit. I didnt leave a message I was suspicious from the long 1st email he sent me. I hate when people use God and honesty as a mean to try to scam someone, but some people have no morals. Anyway I'm glad I saw the first post to confirm my suspicions so I will cut off email contact after I tell him i know he is a scammer and a fake. He needs Jesus Christ in his life to deliver him from swindling God's people.


Please ladies do your home work and pass the word this guy tried to get money from me also but little did he know I was on to him. My father is a judge and he will be dault with.


Yes, ladies please do your homework. I didn't think to do my homework first. But he sent this long email about his late father left him millions of dollars in oil. I was suspicious about a lot of things he said and the extremely long emails all the time. He didn't ask for money right away. I met him on the dating website and he wouldn't talk on the website. He is using the name Ray Peterson now. He deleted his profile once I told him I knew he was a scam artist.
He plays on ladies emotions and using God . So ladies be aware and don't send him any money!,,

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