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This Number is calling from Los Angeles, California

Who Called Me From 213-785-8831?


I was left a voice message on my phone from American Loans from this number. The number registered on my phone from an Outside of area. Letting me know that my loan was approved for 3,000 that I went on line to apply. I never applied for a loan. This is a scam. Also they did leave a message to call Ellen at 213-785-8831.


I was told my loan was approved, I turn it down, after that I was told some very nasty thing concerning sex, he was coming to f--- me up.
Janine North:
I called about a loan , this company called and said we were approved for a $3000.00 loan . So I called back the person was a female named Linda . She told me to go to CVS or Walgreens and get a Green dot money pack for $165.00 . Then she told me to go home and call her back and tell her the code on the card and within 30 minutes we would have $3165.00 in our account . I was suspious and called Walgreens and spoke to an enployee and the woman stated they sold the Green Dot money cards , but it was only a prepaid card to pay bills , buy groceries etc. The employee at Walgreens advised me not to do this , it is a scam ! Consumer Beware !! I am taking this to a higher level and hopefully have this stop before others fall into this aweful SCAM !!
4 years ago
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