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This Number is calling from Lewisville, Texas

Who Called Me From 214-222-9017?


Calls have been coming in from this number for several days. There is never a voice message left and when I try to call the number back, I get a recording that says it is not a working number. When I call 214-222-9016, I get a recording that says something about "Market" something and to please stay on the line.


it's a group called national leisure group, Lewisville, tx. I'm sure it's a marketing group. Just hang up on them. They call me frequently.

Mr. M

Have called me several times over the last few days, but I have a hard time understanding the accent. They say their name is 'Leisure' something, and that I have won $5,000 but after that I get lost. Next time they call I will tell them that I am on the National Do Not Call Registry, and that I am going to report them.

Mrs T

I have received several calls from this number over the past few days. no message left. called back and was asked to leave a message. today I answered the call and I too said I am on the do not call list. With that I hung up. Sorry but I don't believe I won $5000.00 as the woman was trying to say. Block this number or.... be ready and have them send all your money to the South Pole! I wish I was more prepared.


this number calls me several times a day and never says anything


received call. then nobody there.


answered the call, guy ask for me by name , I ask his name he said he shouldn't talk to me , I said right and hung up
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