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This Number is calling from Dallas, Texas

Who Called Me From 214-484-0579?


PayPal scam!!!

Michael Maupin

I got suspicious when the buyer for a Craigslist purchase wouldn't talk to me on the phone. They claimed to be from San Antonio but had a Dallas prefix.


Yup, PayPal scam. They tried to get my info and I told them they had to call first. No response. I had already done a reverse lookup when they asked for my paypal info. Don't do it folks. Craigslist advert as well


Craigslist scammer Paypal scam


This is a Paypal scammer from a Craigslist posting.


PayPal scammer. This guy''s name is Wiggins


Guy is a Craigslist Scammer , will not meet you or talk to you , only wants you to set up or use your paypal account ! Beware , total Scammer
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