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This Number is calling from Euless, Texas

Who Called Me From 214-702-5069?


Calling and hanging up. You try to call back and get a fast busy signal.


They have called four times today. I did not answer. Never left a message.


twice a day for weeks now...finally blocked the call, hopefully it works


called 5 minutes before 9pm (red flag#1) ~ because it was a local number (#2), I picked up. They are claiming to be an organization for Homeless Veterans (red flag #3) and asking for money (#4). Due to other scams, I originally stated we were in financial hardship and were unable to donate...he went on about how any donation would help(#5), blah blah blah, so I said I'd donate $15, to which he went on and said they took all forms of credit cards and asked for my credit card info over the phone (#6). ARE THEY KIDDING?!! Told him I wasn't going to give him my credit card number over the phone to which he said they said I could do it through the mail and then got another party on the line to verify my mailing info (#7- and how do they have that info in the first place?!) who asked could they count on me to mail the payment immediately once I received their info (#8) to which I replied "I will when I am ready!". I'm on the National Do Not Call List (#9)! and when I tried to call the number back, I get an old recording (#10) "thank you for calling us back, someone will be with you shortly", then a series of clicks and then a fast busy signal. Needless to say, when I receive the info in the mail, I am making copies, and instead of a check (I'm not stupid!) I will sending them a long letter about how they have violated my privacy and letting them know that I will be reporting them.
obviously part of red flag #10 is that when you call back, the answering recording doesn't name the organization!
8 years ago


They are calling twice a day every day. I am sick of it. I will take further action if it does not stop.


Calls us 5 times a day. Every day. It's harassment. Have asked them to take us off of list many times.
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