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This Number is calling from Mckinney, Texas

Who Called Me From 214-842-6316?

Alger Hiss

This fellow sounds like a fraudster. Is he?
could be - wanted assistance with selling high dollar boat. What was yours?
11 months ago


Emailed seeking assistance with selling a $1 million yacht. Wanted help with paperwork for sale as is.
Our law firm received the same inquiry.
11 months ago


Called asking for help with real estate purchase. SCAM


Received unsolicited email requesting help with "debt collection matters."


Emailed requesting help to "prepare and conclude" purchase contract. Second email had information about $900k yacht he is selling.


Michael Nelson from this number emailed our firm asking us to facilitate in selling a yacht in Florida. SCAM...

Maryland Attorney

Michael Nelson from this number emailed our firm from michaelnelsno@gmail.com asking us to facilitate in selling a yacht in Maryland for $959,000.00.

CA attorney

Got the same a**hole Michael Nelson wanting legal help in selling his yacht. the email address: mchaelnelson@gmail.com
phone #s: 8083575050, Michael Nelson

25 Nurmi Drive,

Ft lauderdale, FL 33301


NY attorney

I received the same inquiry as CA attorney today.

WA Attorney

Received same inquiry requesting assistance selling his yacht. Michael Nelson, 25 Nurmi Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. First number provided was 413-729-2989, then 214-842-6316.

California Attorney

I received an inquiry from a different name and email (but same telephone number)requesting a bill of sale and a purchase agreement.


"John Blaisdell" emailed from johnblaisdellinoffice@gmail.com requesting a call back to 214-842-6316. He needed help with a purchase agreement (no further details).
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