Who is calling or texting from area code 214?
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Not Happy:

Automated message from Roofing Company - press 1 for operator. Informed her that they called a DNC registered phone. Filled out the complaint form on the gov't website.

I've received these type of calls before, asking for the owner of the business and I would respond that I could help them. They insist to speak to the person they are asking for, once I hear that, they hear the clicking noise from my end. Well today I was not in the mood I've asked and yes even nicely to take me off their list and I've given them the reason to quit calling. So today I said ok let's see why they don't get the picture. I waited to here the same speech to finish and I told them what's the problem of not getting the message of not calling; his respond was that it was my problem for getting my number on their list because as long as I have a web site set up for the business I'm free game. So I said ok then why continue to waste both our time knowing you haven't received a positive responds from me. His reply was we have the resources and the man power to wear a person down by continuing to call because sooner or later you'll talk to us just to stop the calls. I was just hearing what he had to say while injecting to stop calling. The point was not getting nowhere I asked him one more time to stop calling because the owner of the business has passed and that the business was going through a changing phase. He shouted out a remark and said something rude feeling it was funny and hung up. Oh, I was close to losing it, but then I remembered that these telemarketers think their cute and funny because they feel they've had the last say so. I had to just remind myself that I know they wouldn't talk that way if they were in the same room with me. Honestly these are a bunch of cowards and South Western Bell is sorry for conducting this kind of business. Just hang up when you see a (214) 935 XXXX number and go online to the National Do Not Call Registry site or call 888 382 1222 and register your number to keep cowardly telemarketers from calling and harassing you or your family. JM

Rental scam on Trulia

Rental Scam!! Beware

Called back, said there were some documents to be signed at the county court. Also called my work number and left a message.

This is Cash Store Corporate Office...

Trying to determine who this guy is with ...

Same thing. He callaed me at work; I've been fighitng this for 5 yrs.I requested info late December when they called never got anything from these people; I did however request info back in 2008 and am still waiting. They contacted my work; I work for lawyers...Funny thing is from 2008 until now, five yrs later, they alleged amount due has gone up 200.00
Concerned Citizen:

Outstanding people! DeeNC is confused Bruce is trying to stop child abuse and her children are in protective services for multiple reasons.

Also a similar experience. Asked for the owner of the company, I said I can help you. She said you can help me by Transferring me to the owner of the company. I said, I can help you. She then again responded by saying you can help me by transferring me. I said, He's not here at the moment, I can help you. Her response was, Well you should have said THAT instead of repeating your damn self. Hahaha. These people kill me. We dont owe anything to anybody, so I really could care less. When you call back the number it asks for a voice mail password. Must be totally legit. LOL

I got a call from this number. In my case, it was the customer service center (likely outsourced) for Salesforce.com. Salesforce is a leader in the CRM space. So if you have a customer service or tech support question in to Salesforce, it could be them trying to reach you to help you.
A Cole:

No message left

Rental Scam-Price to good to be true!

The guy "BRUCE" who calls is a total jerk and is very condescending. He says smart-alecky comments and is very rude.

This number calls me every day, and has now started calling my cell phone which is a private number. They want you e-mail so they can send you some tax software. I have repeatedly asked to be roved from their list, but they keep calling any way.

I got a dead air call from this number: 12/13/12. Trying to find out who it belongs to. From notes I've found online it may be a window cleaning telemarketer?

Called left voicemail - Patrick from Promident National Curriors - threatened to come to my work - witness needs to be my boss. This is funny - I'm sure this would scare some people though.

Some kind of debt collector...

Broke F.D.C.P.A. ---- His name is Richard Knight, retail debt. He didn't give the Miranda, the debt is outside of the statute of limitations, 10 years old, threatened legal action, refused info, just made legal threats. Needs to be sued to correct his misdoings.

Trying to sell something and they take forever to get to the point, which gives you time to figure out that they're telemarketers.

Calling to deliver legal docs, wil meet me at job and have boss be a witness, left on vmail, called back and they read me my SSN # as verification, i asked why didnt they let me tell them i could have been anyone...tried to tell me to go to court house in a hour. they are a carrier for a 3rd party collection company-? losers!

caller left voice mail threatening to deliver legal documents and that they were in my town, when in reality they are in Plano, TX. This was actually left on my daughter's cell phone and it terrified her!!!



scummy illegal telemarketer! government needs to ENFORCE the no call list!!!!

I don't know who this is but whoever it is they're persistent. They've been calling me several times a week for about 3 weeks now (sometimes 2 or 3 times a day) and never leave a voice mail.

Note to the caller: I screen my calls. If I don't recognize your number I'm not answering and if you can't bother to leave a voice mail, I won't bother to call you back.

Left a voice mail message that started with, "Hey guys! We talked last week about possibly lowering your interest rate!"