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This Number is calling from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Who Called Me From 215-278-9624?


Called me 10/30/14 at around 10:30am and no one was there, just breathed and hung up
called them back, telemarketer selling car insurance
5 years ago
5 years ago


Called my child's cell phone 12/2/2014 3 times in a row. She didn't answer. No message was left on her phone.


called my cell phone saying they are selling insurance for Nationwide and Allstate. They assumed that the persons who live at my residence drive. We do not drive. There is plenty of public transit near where I live. We do not spend money on vehicles that depreciate as well as car insurance and car maintenance as we do not need a car. I suspect that they purchased my phone number from another insurance company or from some other marketing list as I recently gave my phone number to an insurance company which I am dealing with for the first time. Also, a separate insurance agent may have sold/traded my phone number to this auto insurance firm-if that is really what they are-as I did not attend/buy insurance from the agent whose meeting I registered for. They were stopped cold in their tracks when I told them that we do not need auto insurance because we do not drive as we have access to lots of public transit.
Well that escalated quickly.
5 years ago


04Dec2014 - Had my phone on silent, and was not aware I had received a call from 215-278-9624. They did not leave a message. I go on the assumption that if someone wants to hear from me, and I do not recognize the number, then they will leave me a message if they expect a reply. There was no message, so no reply.

Thank you for the information on this number

Exact same thing happened to me today and I'm on do not call list
5 years ago


Called in afternoon, when I called back I got a message that the call was very important, but no one ever answered.


Also called me a few times and didn't leave a message. I called back and heard breathing. I finally said, hello? And he said he was selling insurance and that rates in my area dropped and wanted to know if my insurance premium were below $45. I'm a student, my parents pay my insurance. I explained this to him and he stopped dead in his tracks and said okay have a good day. Seemed odd.


Called and didnt leave a message


called my cell phone 12/16/14 but did not leave message


Scam, called, no message.


tried offering me allstate insurance. I am already with allstate. He hung up abruptly.


Answered my phone and was a perosn saying form Allstate his name was Jeremey, I said dont call my cell phone and he said why not! I called hima name and hung up!
I am not sure but i think Susan does not drive
5 years ago
That was not necessary to post. Lol.
4 years ago
@Anon; greatest reply ever: I LOL'd in real life. (I just got a call from this number too)
4 years ago
Thanks for your information. Just called on my cell phone 3/17/15. Time to block that number.
5 years ago
Thanks will block immediately
5 years ago



Cold Call. They called my cell phone I didn't answer. Called back on my FAX line and they said they were Nation Auto Quote.


Called my cell phone on 1/14/15 and I answered; I said "hello" several times and there was no response.


Called and didnt leave a message.


just called me, left no msg. i called back and got some Rediculous waiting music(like something u would hear on a gay porn photo shoot, or in a hair salon.. just super Stupid sounding pop, $h
That comment was left on a different post.
4 years ago
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