Who is calling or texting from area code 215?
Telemarketers? Debt Collectors? Scams?
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It's Aaron's rental furniture. They call from this number if you rent-to-own anything, or if someone you know has used you as a reference and missed a payment or something (they just ask you to tell the person to call them back as soon as they can).

Guy called and said "Someone there called about a part for a ballast for lighting." I checked with the one and only person that would have called and they never called anyone. When I told that to the caller he promptly hung up. Either he was a scammer trying to get cold sales, or he dialed the wrong number. When I answered with our company name, though, that should be a hint as to whom he was calling. Probably a scammer/telemarketer.
tao leekham:

who is calling me

Get calls from this number every day. I do not answer calls without caller ID. No message is ever left.
Alemu Meshesha:

Why do I keeping getting a call form (215) 383 - 3413 at least three times a day starting @ 7 am? And why do they hang up when I answer?
Please stop.

who call me?

i dont know this number
Jerry W. Hayden:

Someone continues to call me every day from the number listed above. Every time they give me the option to press a button to stop their calls but they keep calling. If they don't stop I'll sue them for harrassment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd say scammer instead of telemarketer...the recorded message is similar to the ones that call w/ middle east accent stating you have computer virus, I am calling from microsoft.....they are wrongly looking for info...the best to do is submit your complaint to - https://complaints.donotcall.gov and or the federal trade commission - they are in the process of researching calls like this. good luck!

Philipino accent, looking for my son. Creepy, would not tell me who he was
Don't Be Scammed:

Foreign Towel Head Scammers trying to get SSN, Banking, & Credit Card Info saying they represented Paypal. But when I called Paypal they confirmed the phone call wasn't from Paypal and they didn't know how the Towel Head Scammers got my name & phone #!

Who is calling me from this #....

Who is calling me from this #....

who is this

A gentleman (if that word can be used for this guy) calls and harasses my business 10 times a DAY. Yesterday, I spoke with him and told him we aren't interested in doing business with he or his company and he became rude and irritated, and even laughed at me. I hung up the phone and he proceeded to call 7 more times. This guy is a lunatic and needs to get a hobby.

I didn't answer, they didn't leave a message....

fax on my phone repeatedly

caller said her name was "Lena Moore", would not clearly state the name of the company. Said that by continuing the call I agreed that it would be recorded. At that point I told Ms. Moore not to contact me at this number (work number) and I hung up. This is the second call from the same person at 215-478-6475 in two days.

Star Ledger Newspaper. Asked if I would want to continue to be a subscriber and to renew my subscription

Asked to be placed on their DNC...they did not.

Jerks calling about Auto Insurance! Yea, I'm going to deal with a company you outright ignores the Do Not Call List and Calls my Cell! More and More this list is being ignored! I still report and Block the number!!!!!

"First Defense" Selling Security Systems..Outright ignoring the Do Not Call List!!!!!!! Government seems ABSOLUTELY Useless in shutting down these Telemarketers! I block numbers but they turn around and use another one. These Security Companies are as Annoying as "Rachael from Card Services"!!!!!!!!!!!

Called twice and left voice message for me and my wife. Identified himself as Officer Jason Smith and said he had criminal case against us and we needed to return his call. If we did not return his call he will be starting criminal proceedings against us. Thanks to this website we know this is a scam.. Doing our own due diligence to put our information here so that other potential victims such as ourselves can be saved...Thanks for running this invaluable service..

dating scam....mr. romance claims to own a home in England, travels....sends songs and e-cards will call on occassion wants money beware smooth operator... He must follow a book of instructions to wrap you up in his lies.

This number has been calling me for a whole week, at least 3 times a day. When you answer, no one is there & they never leave a message on the voice mail. I had to download a program on my cell phone called "Mr.Number" to block the number. So when they call as usual, it just picks up & hangs up automatically..

has been calling me for several months never leaving a message. I blocked the number from my cell phone

its a switchboard number for REGUS in philadelphia. they represent numerous companies who want to seem bigger than they are and share office space with each other. it could be any of a number of different business some legit some scams.

Nothing Stops these Jerks from Calling Several times a day-----They are the WORST Electrical Supplier Company YET!!!!They need to be jailed AND FINED $20,000 for each call.......If they are simple ROBO Dialing why do they call the same Numbers EVERY SINGLE DAY 2 to 3x's a day? No one can find out exactly what company they are looks like....I report EVERY single call and so should everyone else so the people on the Do Not call Website understand EXACTLY what kind of problem they are!