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Who Called Me From 226-765-1252?


This guy keeps calling to collect money from you. He works for National Recovery Corp (NRC). What ever you do, don't answer him. After a while he gets very vulgar.
thank you so much for the info, I got a call at 9 am today and the message left was super weird especially since he didn't left any reason yet that it was an emergency... Jeremy is his name.
5 years ago


I had this man just call me I asked him to identify where we was phoning from and he would only say his name was Jeremy Price that it was urgent and he wanted to speak to my husband ; I informed him my husband was working til 5 and he said he was under the impression that this was his cellphone - I told him we share it and he said to get my husband to phone him back immediately or he will have to phone him as his place of business? Wtf. This guy is nuts.


Jeremy price called me several times from nrc. He also called my work claiming he was from a collection agency but failed to give information to questions I asked. He left messages saying it was urgent and time sensitive to call him back.


He called my parents. Very sneaky guy here. Kind of scared my mother. She's in her 80s. Looks like I might drive to cambridge and break this little geeks nose.


Wow, most of these post are old...but this guy is still making some rude calls; just called today and left a message. I haven't a clue why he is calling me, I have nothing in collections (or do I... LOL).
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