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Area Code: 235

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rebecca sewell:

it was polly the prime numbered penguin !!!!!!!
Kitty C.:

Nicolas told me that I have been chosen to receive $8700.00 from Government as royalty. Once in a life time opportunity. Gave me a 'grant approval conf. no.' and an area code 206 phone number to call to call to verify my information as I wanted the money sent via. Money Order. Hmmmm...
Adam Scott:

Criminal Russian mob scammer offering fake SEO search engine optimization services
Lori Marchand:

They called. I did not recognize the number so I did pick up or call back
Janice Carr:

A man with an Indian accent says he is calling from Microsoft and that my computer is not responding the Microsoft updates. I've had three calls like this recently. I hang up after a minute or so. It appears to be some sort of scam. I never let him get to asking for $, which I believe is the next step.

this number has called several times,all times i talk with a person with a heavy accent. i only talked once but when i answered without remembering their number it would be person with same accent saying "HELLO TENA" stated i could make $200 - $500 a day working from home. but, it would cost me $200.00 to get my start up kit. but hey no problem i could make that amount and more in 1st day. just give them my bank info and heck i'm on my way to the big bucks and picking what hours i wanted. i asked them not to call and told them i didn't give my info to anyone. they called very next day now i know the number and just don't answer. but, this is annoying having your phone ringing by them. it is a scam, clark howard said don't EVER pay anyone to work for them if they really need your services it's like any other job you don't pay up-front to work at home depoy or walmart do you? so no, these people want your bank info to charge up what ever scam it is. they won't stop at $200 THEY WILL BE MONTHLY FEES taken out without you knowing it. beware i check people out on the "RIP OFF REPORT" it's a great way to find out how these crooks work