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This Number is calling from Naples, Florida

Who Called Me From 239-300-6975?

The Man

Lives in Nevada Texas , has a daughter I'n Lagos Nigeria.
Dare Jane George

Did he have a accent and claim to be polish. Was into gold and precious gems1
3 years ago


scam artist using majic jack phone number says i won 4.5 million all i have to do is send 1600 to him to claim the prize oh boy cant wait to get my prize lol


making obscene phone calls at 1230am. called me three times in last week.
Said he lives in Hawaii, I had a pa\\unclaimed package at airport, it would cost 3700 to claim it, he would pay that and deliver if I would share with him. Don't know how they get e-mail addresses. He says he is now in American Falls, Idaho at airport waiting for 770 to continue trip to my house.
3 years ago
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