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This Number is calling from Ft Myers, Florida

Who Called Me From 239-400-2949?


it's a scam.. they tell you you won a trip..take all your info.. then tell you were to send a check for 380 bucks to pay for some fees then you get this 10 thousand dollar trip for free. I gave all fake info including name.. they didn't know who I was.. they called asking for someone else.. I was bored so I wasted there time for awhile..


Got this call yesterday telling me I had refund coming from Micrsoft for a product but then they tell you to send some money through Western Union.I know this is a scam cause they got me with this before. I JUST WANT THEM TO STOP CALLING ME.


Someone called me from this number with heavy indian accent claiming they are calling me from the Microsoft Technical Support, and that the reports that they've been getting from MY COMUTER required their assistance. In response to my question where they are calling from they said CALIFORNIA (that's not where Microsoft is :)), and the caller ID on my phone said "Florida"... BE careful!


Called me at 2:28 am...didn't answer, but whoever it is has no business calling that early.


Advertised for an accounting assistant in the washington post. Wages $920 a week in part time work. Yeah right


he is a major scammer. just block his calls
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