Who is calling or texting from area code 254?
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Area Code: 254

Location Info for Area Code 254

State/Province: Texas

Cities:   note: the number in parentheses is the prefix for that city

(200) Killeen
(201) Waco
(203) Mexia
(205) Hillsboro
(206) Gatesville
(207) Temple
(208) Meridian
(209) Hubbard
(210) Eastland
(212) Breckenridge
(232) Whitney
(233) Strawn
(234) Bremond
(236) Mc Gregor
(238) Copperas Cove
(243) Gorman
(244) Oglesby
(249) Holland
(252) Marlin
(253) Clifton
(255) Groesbeck
(256) Salado
(257) May
(261) Mingus
(263) Reagan
(270) Cross Plains
(273) Bartlett
(274) Lipan
(284) Rogers
(287) Fort Hood
(303) Teague
(310) Little River Academy
(329) Glen Rose
(344) Richland
(352) Stephenville
(359) Donie
(364) Iredell
(372) Pottsville
(374) Gholson
(375) Kosse
(384) Valley Mills
(385) Thornton
(386) Hamilton
(393) Nolanville
(442) Cisco
(444) Evant
(445) Dublin
(455) Cameron
(463) Jonesboro
(486) Crawford
(529) De Leon
(533) Malone
(546) Chilton
(578) Dawson
(583) Rosebud
(584) Lott
(593) Buckholts
(597) Cranfills Gap
(613) Belton
(623) Bynum
(632) Mertens
(635) Morgan
(639) Carbon
(641) Rising Star
(646) Santo
(647) Ranger
(687) Itasca
(728) Bluff Dale
(758) Desdemona
(765) Wortham
(775) Kopperl
(785) Carlton
(789) Mart
(793) Florence
(797) Walnut Springs
(822) China Spring
(823) Tolar
(826) West
(842) Sidney
(848) Woodway
(853) Moody
(854) Covington
(857) Lorena
(859) Eddy
(869) Burlington
(874) Blum
(875) Hallsburg
(938) Troy
(982) Little River
(993) Mount Calm


Heavy English accent...saying they are calling about my CC account; also calling from 254-760-4780

These folks called and hung up. When I returned the call, I received a recording naming their company as "Shopping Trends" conducting a research survey. The recording states to leave your name and the number they called to be removed from their calling list - I did that - and they called my house 9 times in the last month. This is really getting old.

You have recently applied for a pay day loan

This man is a total lunatic and possibly dangerous
Phil Blah:


I've received more than several calls from these people (and I use the term loosely). Each time they open in Spanish. I told them I'm an American and don't speak Spanish, asked them not to call, and even tried threatening them. Nothing seems to matter. I keep getting 3 to 4 calls daily from this and other numbers. I give them absolutely no information of any kind other than to tell them this is a totally Conservation American home, I'm not interested in anything they have to say since this is the case. I'm going to turn to the Federal government (yeah right) for help. Don't know. They should realize that this is not endearing them to the American Conservative.

Says there's issues with my computer. SCAM
His accent was so thick I could hardly understand him

I got a call at work after I was off today (5/11/15) my employer gave them my work cell number, this guy named Corey Mason, said that I have a case in his office for a payday loan I took out back in later part of 2010, and He didn't want to file with my locate courts civically and criminally. That I could be charged with Bank Fraud and something else. After checking online, I found out that my state's status of limitations on collecting a payday loan is four years after the last transaction on the account. Well this Mr. Mason said the last thing on the account a payment was made on Dec. 2010 of 50 dollars. If my math is right that e like 4 years and 5 months ago. Plus in my state the limitation of fraud is three years once more that has come and gone. He told me he could stop this action for 72 hours and would call back on 5/13/15 and I be waiting for him I am going to call a lawyer and find out for sure then I am going to let him have it. Also the Federal Trade Commission act 800 covers this people and it says they can not threat to have you arrested or any court action. - caller: Corey Mason
they ar pesty:

this is capital they are a debt collector

Who is it
alicia moreno:

me an estado llame y llame a cado rato de este telefono y me dicen que es de la compania de tel y me ofrecen una tarjeta pero a cambio me dicen que necesitan mis datos es puro fraude porque en veces anteriores tan solo por contastar el tel me cobra mi compania de tel por servicios de larga distancia que disque yo acapte esa llamada y por eso me estaban cobrando mucho dinero



I just got a call from Breckenridge, TX (254) 246-9660.
It is currently 12:45AM MST so, I'm unclear why any company would be calling at this hour. They DID NOT leave a message either.
Dallas, Tx:

I just got the same voicemail. I was freaking out about it till my parnter told me that the same thing happen to her about 7 months ago. This is all a scam.

they called me and answer in English did not matter since my lastname is Sanchez they proceeded. They said they were calling on behave of my telephone company and needed to verify my information in order to sent a 500 minute calling card. Two people were on the line (male) to verify information and (female) trying to get as much information as she could get. When I asked her for her ID# she said that only had a phone# for me. When she asked me again for my name and change it she insisted to clarify my name and when I give her nothing she hang up. I tried to call centuryling but after 20 minutes of being on the line waiting for customer services to answer they told me I needed to be transfer again to the Fraud department. It is annoying even for us that speak Spanish. I emailed Centurytlink and requested an investigation on their part in case their system got hack and our information got exposed.

they said they call from windows on my computer I am sure windows will not call me

Received a call from LARRY GRAHAM yesterday and today stating that he is a private courier in my area and had some paperwork to be delivered today at 2pm. He said that I needed to be there or it would have to be handed back into their office for Refusal - Failed Appearance. Both calls went to voicemail. Said yesterday to call 844-434-8781 to reschedule. Never did say who he works for or what this is in regards to.

who this

Jane Doe:

I received a call

After hours

Who is calling

Who is this

Some woman calls identify self. When number is called back phone doesn't ring only counter visible.
Marti McAllister:

I received this same phone call today, saying if I didn't call back they would come to my place of employment. Whatever, lol
Anaheim, ca:

Called left vmail saying I need to sign papers, have two form of ids and a witness to sing confidential papers and if I don't call 855.461.0740 to tell them I won't be home they will take further actions.

who is calling
Florida 8-21-14:

254-449-8541 left a voice message for me stating her name is Carmen Dunn. She read off a prior address and stated she would be coming to my home address between 12 - 3 pm tomorrow. I need a witness and valid ID to accept the documents. If I am not at the home address she referenced she will then go to my place of employment to find me. If she can not find me at my place of employment she will then speak with my supervisor to find out a good time for her to return when I am scheduled to work. She stated she will cover all bases to find me and this includes visiting Family member and Relatives home address. She also left 844-653-6174 to call.

Called back number, no one was there.

2547512615 is Political call to vote on behalf of Texas Farm Bureau

Number is "Individual Health Quotes"
qaisar abbas:


This # calls me 3 - 4 times daily. They say nothing when I answer.

answered could hear back ground sounds, then they hung up.

i answer and no response