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This Number is calling from Fort Wayne, Indiana

Who Called Me From 260-399-4813?


If you're actively looking for a job, and have posted your resume online (ex. Career Builder) you will probably receive a call from this number. This is an oriental lady from Bankers Life Insurance Company, and unless you answer the call or return the call asking to not be reached, she'll continue to call. I inquired about this company, and you don't get paid for about the 1st 2 months of accepted the position for their company. It's obvious if you need a job, why on earth would you work for 2 months without being paid.
This oriental lady from Bankers Life Insurance Company called my cell phone and I agreed to the pre-interview. Then she kept calling me and I became suspicious. So I googled the phone number (260-399-4813) and found Meg's comment. Thanks to Meg, I know not to bother keeping that appointment.
5 years ago
Thanks to the high heavens for Meg. I was wondering why in the world this lady called me after I posted my resume on careerbuilder and thanks to that post I know what's up. You rule, Meg.
5 years ago


She used to call my kids dad all the time and he does warehouse jobs. Thought it was weird. Then she called me recently. After putting my résumé on career builder.com. Makes me not want to waste my time going to the interview.
thanks I read your notes not answering these calls now
3 years ago
Yes, I get this call frequently. I can barely understand her when hearing my voicemail. And not to be so PC, but saying "Oriental" is frowned upon today.
3 years ago


Thank you Meg for your post!! I just received a phone call from that number, Googled and the first thing that pops up is your alert! Appreciate it! I won't waste my time agreeing to an interview.


Monster recently posted my resume after I applied for a job through them last week. I received a call from this number tonight. No message was left.
They didn't leave me a message either.. And I don't answer unknown numbers unless they leave a voicemail...
3 years ago


Thanks Meg! I blocked the caller.


Same as above! Hate searching for work and sifting the scams. Thanks Meg!

L. K.

Thanks for the information, I will not return the call.


I think I used something like monster or indeed when I was job searching a while back, which was over a year ago, and have since got a job. Out of the blue, this number calls me up, and I answer. Like you guys, it's some gal asking if I would like a job, but yeah. I told her no, and she thanked me for my time and hung up.


I received 2 calla from this number so far thanks for the info


Ugh! Anyone looking for a job knows when someone wants to interview you, a slight jump in your heartbeat happens. I'm bummed this isn't actually a "real" job but very thankful for Google and Meg for posting this or I wouldn't have known. The other tip for me that this was a joke was the number had been disconnected. The search continues...
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