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This Number is calling from Pinehurst, Texas

Who Called Me From 281-305-0024?


281-305-0024 Fletcher Goldman

harry mudd

we got the call the on jan 3, 2014 saying "This is Mario - fletcher goldman and ross - regarding pending payments." He gave his extension as 308.


I just got a message left on my work phone for George at Fletcher Goldman


I received a call at work on jan 3, 2014 message left on my voice mail saying "This is Mario - Fletcher Goldman and Ross - regarding payments." and to call the listed number extension as 308.


This number is sales call, they want to collect money for your company. I have an attorney that does that for us...


i spoke to a guy named george who made it seem like he was trying to get a hold o fme for money i owed on a past due account. then he started giving a sales pitch that his company can help if we needed them to help us on collections. however, he kept trying to verify all of our companys information- like our address, my name and he knew my last name even though i only gave him my first name several times. i was a little uncomfortabl... so i just got off the phone with them
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