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This Number is calling from Katy, Texas

Who Called Me From 281-769-8743?

D. Billings

received call from this number saying they were from MEDICARE and want to come to our home to review our Medicare. I tried to redial the number on caller ID, and their automated machine says "Senior Care" I called Medicare and they said they Never send people to your home for review.
B. O'Connor:
I got the same call. They make it sound as if they want to send a Medicare representative to your home in order to teach you about the changes for the coming year. In fact, it's a service to create leads for various insurance companies. Nothing to do with Medicare.
4 years ago


She wanted to speak to my mom she is 88. I told her I handle all business. She wanted to do a review on medicare and send someone out. I talked to one lady then she wanted to send me to her supervisor. She said my mom was getting the best care and no changes need to be made. I was suspicious so I called the number back and never got an answer. It was a white lady voice.
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