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This Number is calling from Wilmington, Delaware

Who Called Me From 302-394-9559?


Its DirectTV - Wanting you to get HBO and other high cost channels. Call constantly and do not leave a message.


Calls and doesn't leave a message - I guess they do not want a return call?

Gigi Said

They have been calling me and will not leave any message. Finally I talked to someone. He said he was calling from Direct TV and they have a special on HBO for 7.99 for six months and will send a confirmation email. I did not see any email come through so I called Direct TV. They told me they don't have any specials going on like that and nobody called from their office. I don't understand this prank call at all.


Wow, amazing that directv would be so rude to call past 9 pm. The telemarketer was rude and annoying. It's Funny how directv's customer service offices are closed at this time but they are able to make marketing calls this late? Ridiculous!
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