Who is calling or texting from 305-507-4746?
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This Number is calling from Miami, Florida

Who Called Me From 305-507-4746?




Threatening call to contact lawyer or call back not to ignore the call or I'll pay.


Scammer calling with payday debt lawyer scheme


These f***ing people have de nerve to call me threatening me. To show u how stupid they are , the us justice system or police or eve many law enforcement will not call u and start threatening u without them letting u know who they are. How can u call someone and claiming to be an attorney or some law enforcement but u start telling me about a crime but u never let me know what I did . Why did u never contacted me via normal mail .? And why I have not been arrested yet. I mean these guys think people living here are naive . I just knew it was a scam , I smelled it because same type of f***ing people or animals have called me before claiming to be calling from de irs. Stupid f**ks , why will irs call u to accuse u with a crime ?these type of scans will work mostly in poor countries even though they can get through some people here too . Oh man these guys have some nerve. I called dem back and threatened him back and told him don't he ever call me again and cursed him out. Now I turned de table against him by calling him several times and hanging up. To tell u how stupid he is he could not even know it was de same person doing it.or he might not be stupid . I just did it about 5 times and stopped. What these type of people be thinking. But what is scary is he have my ss number and he had my ss no. That is what makes them credible and thry will get ur attention. These are the same problem about database theft iinfo. Breaking ,hackers and I'd theft . I think the system have our info everywhere , u know we all do lots of things online and government databases . These f***ing people somehow get access , especially with outsource jobs. It's just a mess. He read to me my last 4 digits. Now u if these are sinister people like those having ur info especially after I try to challenge him by harassing him back. I mean u don't really know what they are capable of,. U don't know if they can access a system and put bad info about u, whether they can get into a government system and give u a bad record or warrant . U just don't know, Edward snowden story , anonymous,,big advance hackers,Johny cumbo, big hacking into banks, Chinese military hackers,the movie the net and much more. I think about stuff like this and if u look at de above , these sinister people have de power to f**k ur life. I mean they will live u alone just not calling dem back but maybe these f***ing people probably have the time and power to make anyone life


Called said I owed money and papers would come out on Friday!!!


I've had these for years, shouldve changed my #... But their full of it. My lawyer said ignore. If you answer and give your true name they have you! And they do have private info too. But nothing they say is every true. No ones going to arrest you, they just want money.
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