Who is calling or texting from 307-655-7561?
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This Number is calling from Wolf, Wyoming

Who Called Me From 307-655-7561?


I receive a call from this number at least 3-4 times each day and I am a " do not call list" what can I do?
Nothing you need to actively do. Don't answer. If you answer, you flag them to call more. By not answering you are taking a positive action.
5 years ago
bullsh*t, place a complaint with the FTC online, they actually act on them, do nothing and they just keep on calling, you call also place a complaint with the state attorney general for area code 307
5 years ago


thank you Don!!! Your choice of action is more peaceful than the sh*t I used to do as a mafia kid in the 1980's (before the Nazi's invented theNSA). ~ if you get a call from 307-655-7561, it is possible the book "Endlösung der Judenfrage" is being used in the country of Syria.


Has anyone ever had a conversation with someone @ this number? What is their agenda?
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