Who is calling or texting from 313-355-5249?
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This Number is calling from Detroit, Michigan

Who Called Me From 313-355-5249?


Telemarkerter selling extended auto insurance.
No didn't leave a message.
5 years ago
Left an automated message- said my car warranty expired and this was the last call before they closed my file. i'm guessing scam or telemarketer
5 years ago
New yorker:
I received a call from this number after automated call claiming to extend my auto insurance. I asked the sales man who does he work for, and what is the company name. then suddenly the phone call dropped. I'm thinking it's scam.
5 years ago
Same here. Spam
5 years ago


Obvious scam.

Colorado man

Got the call couple of times. No message is left.


no msg and unable to call back--spam


no message, hung up when recording began


call them back and got ansewed by a computer saying that if I wante to be removed from there list dial 1
Hope it work (those $%^*)_)_ telemarketers

Don't do this in the future. It will not remove you from their "list" (which is really a random dialer). It just indicates that your phone is a "live" possibility and will encourage future calls.
5 years ago


Yep.... they just called me and I let it go to the answering machine... did not leave a message... then I called it back and it said if I wanted off of their call list to press ONE... and that it took 48 hours to do so... hum, we will see!
This is just a ploy to make you interact. In the future, if prompted to press a number to remove you from a list, don't do it because it just let's them know there's a live human on the other end of the line they can try again to exploit.
5 years ago


Google voice # that I have had for a month. No message.
I just got a call from this number. I don't know anyone with it so I Googled and found these comments. I hung up and didn't listen to the message. Believe it or not I'm on the do not call list.
5 years ago
They're scammers and do not abide by the rules or care about do not call lists.
5 years ago


They just called my office phone. I didn't recognize the number and they did not leave a Msg.
Damn Spammers!


FOLKS: I'm don't think this is coincidence, and I think CARMAX IS BEHIND THIS. They would have both my cell phone number and landline, which the called today within a min.utes of each othe. AND, yesterday, I was browsing the CARMAX SITE looking for a VEHICLE, and UP POPPED A SURVEY asking me a dozen questions about when I may want to purchase, its urgency, etc, and I answerfed them all. I WAS LOGGED INTO my CARMAX ACCOUNT on the website when I took the popup survey.

SO, QUESTION.... DO ANY OF YOU HAVE A CARMAX VEHICLE that you've purched from them (mine was 7 yrs ago!), whether or not you were logged in or took a survey? Seems coincidence they call BOTH my numbers the NEXT DAY and from this number in DETROIT, MICHIGAN, home of the car manufacturering city AND also asking abou CAR insurance to some of you??

I don't have a carmax vehicle. And, in fact, they called my office phone, which I don't give out to anyone other than family members.
5 years ago


Just had a person hit me with Direct insurance. Thats how my number got on this list. Direct insurance doesn't want to pay my estimate amount. Hope that you never have to deal wi those dirty bastards. What a bunch of crooked SOB's.


Some dumb a** car warranty company. Robo call is asking to press 1 and press 2. What a stupid company. My voicemail machine cannot press numbers you idiot. They did not leave a call back number or even identify themselves.


Got a call from this person when i didnt have my phone, left a 3-second message of static.


Bought a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle exactly one year ago. Last night it wouldn't start. Read through all my warranty papers.I s it IRONIC that I come into work this morning and this number is on the caller ID of my work line and after reading these comments the number relates to a vehicle warranty. HMMMM?

E. Basila

Got a call at 11:30am EST from this number on my cell phone. Since the number wasn't recognized I didn't pick up but let it go to voicemail, though no message was left. If it really is a scammer, I agree with the comments above about not calling back and interacting with their automated machines because they'll know that it's a legit number to keep calling and give out to other scammers.
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