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This Number is calling from Andover, Kansas

Who Called Me From 316-361-7205?

The Mark

Online pharmacy that still has my bank account info from 4 years ago when I purchased pharmaceuticals online (yup, went down that road once).

Received a call from them today, told them to delete me from there call list and they processed an order using the bank account # (direct debit/ ACH) they had on file that is still active (yikes!). At least they sent a confirmation email, called them back to cancel order, awaiting a call back from them to confirm that order is canceled


INCREDIBLY CREEPY. I called this number back and it didn't even ring, a woman said my full name and I responded "Who are you and why do you know my name". The connect was terrible but all I heard was "insurance". I politely said I was not interested and remove me from the list.
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