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This Number is calling from Wichita, Kansas

Who Called Me From 316-633-4315?

Joe mama



Payday loan


They have 2 charges against me they need my social security number.


they have a case against me need me to call or my attoney

edward johnson

fake phoney lies upon more lies


Left message saying they have a case against me (for what I would have no clue...) and need me or my attorney to call.


Received the same call saying I owed money for a wire transfer...never happened of course...and that an affidavit was sent out against me for fraud. Never received any court documents in the mail, I seem to get this call from different people atleast once a year, definitely sounds like a scam. I told them I had banking documents to back up never receiving money, they want me to send them a copy. I wouldn't send them anything, if it was a true case against you, you would have received documents from the court.


316-633-4319 This is a fraud. Do not give any personal information. If it was true and I was in mediation and needed to call back why didn't they address me by name? This phone number is new and I haven't even given it out.


They called me today with charges against me for a funds never paid back for a loan that I never received! They looked me up by phone number. I told them I had no idea and to send me what they thought they had. Of course they did not ask for addrrss or anything. I presume it was a scam!!


I received a call from these folks and they said the same thing in a message. I did not return the call and after reading this I won't be. Thanks guys and gals for the heads up


irritating recorded call. ignore! its a scam.
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