Who is calling or texting from 317-643-0548?
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This Number is calling from Indianapolis, Indiana

Who Called Me From 317-643-0548?


Scam!!!! Shipping. Scam!!!! Do not reply. It text me. It is a big scam. Do not trust any message associated with this number.
Just got a call from this number about something I am selling.
5 years ago


apparently its a scammer - contacting me about my CL post of a car for sale


this number has been texting me .but won't tell me who they are and they go to Indiana State University


Same here. Just got a call and text from this number. Sounded like someone who could barely speak English. Considering that and the fact that I'm in tn and he's in Indiana, I'm pretty sure he's not serious about buying the rims and tires I have for sale.


This man "Frank' contcted me about a car I was selling on cl. He assured me it was no scam. When I finally got his name address and phone number out of him. his name came up deceased, and this is the page I found for his number. STAY AWAY


Same here, I posted a sale on CL and he is stating he needs my address to mail the check overnight. Sounds like a scam considering he is using google ( VOIP ) to contact the sellers. Also, he 1st texted me with phone # 605-574-7378. Stay AWAY!!!!!!!

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