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Who Called Me From 319-000-0001?

golden teenager

Did not answer call received at 11:50a.m.CDT. No message left.


This is harassment


Some Pakistani or Inidia speaking guy asked to lower my interest rates. When I said I was on a Do Not Call list, he said "Then f**k Off You Mother f**ker!" and hung up.


This is one of those scam "lower your interest rate" calls. I asked what card it was for and the guy listed 6-8 different major cards. I asked him what name he had for me and he couldn't answer. He had mentioned Experian so I asked "Do you work for Experian?" and he hung up.


I just got a call from someone when i asked to be removed from his caller list he said "why" when i asked who he worked for he said "dildo company"


Did not leave message. Based on date of calls listed from other people I am happy I did not answer. I am also on the do not call registry.


Some guy with very bad English asking about my personal information so I told him to not call me anymore and to removed my number from his list and then he just started yelling at me in another language maybe using bad words I’m not sure.


Just received a call from this number. I recall that the 319 area code is Iowa. they did not leave a message.


I just received a call from this number but did not answer. Based on the replies I see here, I'm glad I didn't! Lol However, I'm contemplating breaking up with my boyfriend. Perhaps that's why a "dildo company" is calling. LOL!!


Same as everyone else the number called gave a pre-recorded message and I hung up. I'm also on the Do Not Call List. When is the FCC going to stop these people? They are the ones who opened up ALL phone numbers to these harrassing, scamming idots!


Keep getting calls with no messages. Finally answered. He told me he was in Atlanta Georgia

Dildo co.

These foreign scammers usually use Google's free phone service to make it look like they're from the USA. Google is ending this service in May

dont want to share my name

That's scary because if he said he is in Atlanta I just got a email that said someone in Atlanta successfully got into my Facebook.

April Hudson-Ramey

STOP IT!!!! 319-000-0001


I was going crazy with this number and several others . Got the CPR CallBlocker and got peace and quiet. Call block individual callers or entire area codes etc.
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