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This Number is calling from Sauk Centre, Minnesota

Who Called Me From 320-527-9062?


They write fraudulent cashiers' checks for items they see posted on Craigs List...wired a cashiers check that was a fake, with a valid Bank listed on it, but don't cash! Just because it says 'cashiers check' on it, it will not be honored by listed bank..They made the check out for 4 times the amount I expected, and said take rest to western union to ship item to them, -notified only by txt, w/excuse why they couldn't talk...buying merchandise sight-on-seen.

They are texting me regarding a boat that I have listed on the OKC Craig's List as well. Who would buy a boat without seeing it?
5 years ago


Not sure why this would benefit the scammer. I was told by text to cash the check when I cleary stated that I had already sold the item to someone else. I called the bank listed and they said it was no good and to send them a copy so that they would turn into fraud department for the credit union listed.


Scammer at 320-527-9062 tried buying my kitchen for $800.. Scammer


The lady named dorothy send me a check but it ain't a cashiers check for 2480.00 is rhis the same lady


Tried to Scam me:
(1/3)I am ok with the price,I work as marine engineer and presently i'm on sea. Due to this i will not be able to call and come see the item or do the pick up (2/3)myself and pay via cash, i only have access to texting. I will like to know if Payment can be made via cashier's check and after the check has been cashed (3/3)by you i will ask my mover to come for the pick up at your location..I will add $50 to it for keeping it for me. Get back to me if this is okay by you

Also in Hawaii!! Same exact message sent to me!!!
5 years ago
Got the same message also.
5 years ago
Same here I have my 2480 fake cashier check
5 years ago
What did you do whith the che He also used the same line on me about being out at sea. When I told him my us and sold washer and I wil send check back, he still wanted me to cash it,says he was charged by the bank, it's in my name so cash it and help him pay the movers. He also said he would give me 80 dollars for the stress. Ha! The check came in the amount of 1,980.00!
5 years ago

Have fun

This is a check scammer. I've been having fun with them the last 4 or 5 days, giving them false information and letting them think they're actually going to fraud me. I'd advise anyone else who runs into this scam to do the same. It costs them money and time to print out checks and defraud people. The more we trick them, the more money they lose :)


Same thing here, received a $2480 cashiers check, and found this. They actually threatened to report me to the authorities.


I am currently in the process of being a victim of a SCAM, but I am on to them, is the exact same scam as Hawaii.
Exact same! Says the cashiers check is on its way

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