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This Number is calling from Long Beach, California

Who Called Me From 323-214-0070?


It's American mitigation alliance- a real estate refinancing SCAM organization!
Name calling isn't nice.
6 years ago
Paul V:
This is not a scam. I just got my Chase mortgage payment lowered and my past due payments settled. Make your own decision but they did a great job for me!
5 years ago


this is a scam
Good company. Helped me out on mortgage
5 years ago


I got my rate lowered to 3.25% and saved almost 400 bucks using this company!


This is a legit company. They helped me save my home...

chuc J

I have been contacted by them. Not sure what to think yet
Jeremy C:
I used this company. Only good things to say. Trust but verify.
5 years ago

E. Zinn

they stopped a sale date for me. currently in the negotiation stage. fingers crossed
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